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Baker and Owner at Becca's Sweet Tooth


I love (LOVE) to bake.  And cook.  But also bake.  The first "fancy" cake I ever made was a 3 tiered, fondant covered, topsy-turvy cake for my little sisters' wedding.  No pressure.  Within a couple of years I was teaching cake decorating classes and making all kinds of birthday, wedding, and special occasion cakes. 

I’m originally from Minnesota and after traveling the country for work, I landed in Flagler County in 2009. I still visit my family up north as often as I can - most often in the winter.  I do really miss the snow at Christmas!

After baking for my friends and family many years, and many career detours, the opportunity came up to open my shop, I knew it was time.  I also knew that opening my shop here was the right thing to do--Florida is now my home.  The construction process, was long, and expensive, but I was blessed with the friends and family always so willing to lend a hand.


As a single woman and a business owner, I appreciate the relationships that my network provides. The support of my family, friends, church, and customers has been more than I ever dreamed.


I do a lot of custom orders, but my doors are also open to get traditional baked items, coffee, and a few savory breakfast items. As my business has evolved, I have also created options to book private events and parties. Great options for kids and adults for one-of-a-kind birthdays, special occasions, or even “just because” when you want to get out and do something with your friends and family!

What I've also realized is that I am a teacher at heart. Getting back to my Wilton roots, I've created a calendar of classes to teach cookie and cake decorating. Once again, it’s getting to know people that’s the best part of my day, and these classes allow me to connect with people in a totally different way.


Something that a lot of people don’t know about me is that prior to opening my shop, I was a foster mom. One of the ways I want to give back to our community is by supporting local foster parents and the kids they care for. If you ever want to stop by the shop and talk about fostering, I am always up for telling you about my experiences and hearing yours. The dream is to one day have the time to reopen my home, offering safety, stability, and love to kids in need.

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